Servants of Penance and Purification

by WolveXhys

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released November 10, 2013

Written by Joe Powell, Rhys Whitehouse, Crayg Williams and Craig Hunt.
Copy write: Rhys Whitehouse & WolveXhys
2013, Sector7 Studios, Birmingham



all rights reserved


WolveXhys England, UK

"WolveXhys play deathcore so brutal they make Whitechapel look like Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family."

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Track Name: Mumakil
Now your blood has run cold The poison has run full cycle it's Coursing through my Intellect it has carved a path of spite We're sobering up now The essence it is finally kicking in This is the end of it I can't wait to see The future you'll write We could grow old together Just me and you There's no one left alive A happy ending Your mind wants you to smell the scent of that white line The broken bottles A sink full of just bitterness and lies A life flowing with hatred

One more time I'll let you get the best of me One more time I'll show you just what i can do One more time I'll watch you standing over me One more time I'll plunge my hatred into you yeah i'll plunge my hatred unto you. oh.

Darkness falls At night i get some time to think Howling walls This house will hear your every creak One more step And i'll deliver the killing blow To your name Such a shame You had to stoop so low I will see you hanging by your throat This is the end For you my friend

So mirror mirror On the wall Tell me another tall tall tale Tell me another Story of old With a hero so bold Who was cut down in his prime Who was cut down in his prime.

Count your smiles Instead of counting fears Count your courage Instead of counting tears Leave your wreath at the doorstep Dorothy. You're not in Kansas anymore.
Track Name: Enslaver A.D
Lacerations of the masters whip He strikes a flame to his lips Tells you to suck his dick Whilst procreation spawns it ends in pity swarms It's of a higher cause there comes the greatest storm Here comes the pain You plan to see this through After years of waiting Life will come back to you Why put your faith Into something what isnt true With A life time of suffering Im still in wait of proof Of life Crows gather overhead To pick the flesh from your bones They will not stop until your dead I'll stand my ground wait for the drums to beat The resonating sound Of breaking bones under feet. Oh.

This is the life we lead I am the killing blow These are the sewn in seeds This is the life we know This ground will spring the evergreen The rising tree of life Each of the roots grow deep It hits the core Planetary judgement breeds We're at the head of the mast Of an empires burning fleet. Oh.

All the reasons overwhelm me I'm drowning in the filth of society The last gasp of air is escaping me I'm clawing at life I'm clawing at life Faceless crowds of humanity Rising up against democracy The hangman will show you no mercy A tight rope wrapped 'round your fucking neck.

The tree of life has been cut from truth The branches have been stripped by lies The last remaining ounce of hope Will lay to rest when you close your eyes I'm sick of all you pretentious dicks The air you waste it just makes me sick So go ahead and apply your lipstick We're all judged the same as we stand at the gates of hell.
Track Name: Splinter ft. Crayg Williams
Splinter I feel you under skin My Self righteous prophecy Where hope fails you Brings you to your knees To persevere is to see Aspire to do not to be Conquer all to follow your dreams In times of lunacy we Have been brought down by the green propaganda An egotistical war brought down by the masses I refuse to give up this fight
Believe me, i've been there before Ive looked down at the world And i expected to feel more Ive walked straight through hell just for this looked into the abyss Long have i searched for a mortal to best me. But none can defeat me None can defeat me
It never ends.
I've had this splinter in my mind For quite some time It's beginning to drive me mad The more i ignore it the more it digs deeper Its not an easy pain to wipe away But i'm learning to live with it Day by day
And still it continues It never ends It never ends oh It never ends
Track Name: The Wendigo
I am the wendigo Introducing the answer Glass hammers break your spine My Liberation from question The crack in my skull is an Equator of life Forgive us our trespasses We're just a brick In the pathway of time We are the stone that trips you The split in your tounge We are The thorn in your side

Abormal We aren't the saints that we once were A darker path A stray from the light A task we must all persevere Another day another question A darkened mind to taint With your broken bones Ending with broken homes Comes the unfortunate promise of hate This is the time We are the future We write the scrolls We sign the date
Crop circles plague your vision You're blinded by the light A world sinking in division We've cursed you with this plight I'm not in the business of drowning at sea I guess i'll cut my losses And learn how to breathe Eyes blind Lungs close Sinking plaguing your dreams Is this reality really as good as it seems

I have many names Some of which are so I am the world ender The connoisseur For I am the wendigo

Execution The fire burns bright This is a ritual of sacrifice A sacred right We are the hungry The staring plight Mouths wide eyes closed Taken from the night Taken from the night

Nails begin to peel Bones begin to break Limbs are torn from limbs Skin begins to flake Hate has turned to greed Hearts have turned to ash Love begins to fade No one can be saved
Track Name: Cannibals ft. Richard Lardner
I, I am the reckoning I am the soul destroyer I am the bludgeoning I am the spinal tear The post mortem shame I am the left hand of satan the shrine of LaVey
Engorged, raped and left for dead A banquet on the roadside Drink the wine and break the bread Survive The taste of your own flesh Desperation of the pauper The taste of sin will make you wretch

Ask of me and you shall receive Our days turn into night The rip and tear of bones and muscle As blood drips from your lips Show me a sign you're alive

Every single choice you make Is governed by your fear Repentance of your inhumane Crimes against your next of kin You are our cancer Carve your eyes in cruciform Our gift with give death voice Endangered visions of the past They underestimate me They'll watch the world return to me

I can feel them watching I can tell their judging I can sense them haunting I can hear them talking I can hear them Can you hear the verdict Can you see me sweating Can you tell the ending Am i just pretending Or is this a Altered vision-Perceived different By a species-That's indifferent One another-Is a victim Taken over-By their instinct I will not be - taken over I will not be - taken sober I will have a - wall cast over My eyes

Fear what the crows say They are never wrong Purify the pewter We stand up strong Attack the values Norms and rights We are the ones Who go bump in the night. Whispers of night crawl Haunt your bones Howling at your windows We Stalk your homes Replace the priest And piss in the font Listen to the crows They're never wrong

Carve your eyes in cruciform Our gift with give death voice Endangered visions of the past They underestimate me They'll watch the world return to me
Track Name: Black Harvest
Eyes bleed Sleep sweet symphony Your words Fall like leaves Our grace Breeds in loyalty You can't escape its gaze We'd ask for sanctuary We'll bring you to your knees Behold i send you out as sheep A midst the wolves yeah Our throats will be slit in sleep Whilst the eyes in the forest Are judging your flaws And the Spiders spin webs of tales

oh, We spent our youth without priorities Without care or horizons tomorrow will greet us well ill placed morals no norms or values We're Clawing at the walls of humility

Drool drips from the teeth of nihility Pacify the insignificancy Destroy what fucking destroys you We'll watch the world burn. God has no mercy for broken souls God has no mercy for pacifists God has no mercy for you or I Because your god does not exist.

Death was your only sacrifice In life you were pitied not scorned and As you lay down your exalted crown Your body it hungers for more To the vultures that shadow your every step Your bones will make bread They have come for your head They have come for your neck They will break you in two This i have forseen Their Spires creep up to the heavens light Youth decimating the hallowed plight with the Blasphemous peasants and sinners alike Will you grant us this beautiful, grant us this beautiful sound.
Track Name: Bloodbowl
Open the crypt These motherfuckers make me sick drinking from the same water they piss Ive been to hell and i looked in the abyss Then it froze over, yeah hell got colder Open your eyes the sun is burning you Peeling at your flesh at best you will be subdued

But why would you give a shit. The winter is bitter, And Life just gets shitter its egocentric motherfuckers Making me murderous I hold the world in one hand I control the roots of the earth I dictate to your god and my devil I am the evil without your church

You're on your knees but not to pray The sins of the father The sins that he spread across your face He will demand that you must bow And bend to his every whim You're just a whore to him But truth be told you're just a whore to me

Pride of lucifer Avarice of mamon Lechery of asmodeous Anger has taken Me O mighty lord By whom all things are set free I cast myself utterly into thine arms Placed myself under your protection Comfort me deliver me from all other hindrances This I ask in your name the almighty ineffable Lord who liveth and reigneth forevermore.
Track Name: Concord Dawn ft. Dave Rae
when daylight dawns the destructive nature of your past elludes me the silver lining shines through theres scratches on your door ways to cover the markings of a time once told theres blood under your nails there's lies on your palms you've overcome There was a time you'd sit on the world you'd conquer your mind and we'd rule together, we'd oversee all foes but we could start again yeah we could start again

I have witnessed a world an earth born from hate the life that we know Borders the hopeless as we develop from the negatives it is plain to see, that so easily yeah we could be judging the ones who cast judgement on me what a wreckless past time we failed to believe Such a picture perfect A place so supreme An ecliptic essence A sight to forsee

Branches reach out they crack the skies the roots in the dirt feed off your lies
Born from sin raised in hate Feed me lies Watch my roots grow deep Born from sin raised in hate feed me lies Watch me crack the fucking sky
we'll break the fucking sky

Oh It's like a concord dawn as you break the clouds the silver lining prevails and the blinding shrouds the sun shines on your face the gleam hits your eyes you've found determination In the skies It overwhelms, overcomes, takes thes the air from your lungs it empowers the down it fills you with drive i see determination, in your eyes In your eyes, in your eyes. oh.

Concord dawn